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Service Descriptions

Home Inventory:

Initial Evaluation
– Provides a face-to-face meeting to assess your current state of information preparedness, and discuss what you would like inventoried. In addition, we will discuss any specific appraisals you may need.

Physical Inventory – We perform a room-by-room detailed inventory and take digital photographs of items as specified by you, the home owner. The inventory will include a description, and other information necessary to properly classify each item. Upon completion of the physical inventory, we will annotate any warranty, appraisal, or related receipt information to the respective item. In addition, we can add other  notations, such as if it will be an insurance policy schedule and the value set by you, the owner.

Portfolio and Documentation – We will provide you with a printed spreadsheet inventory and related pictures in a portfolio folder. You will also receive a CD ROM with all of the inventory information and pictures. 

Client Requiremen
t: The Home Owner should be present at the time of inventory for safety reasons and to assist in assigning selected items. 

Service Notes: The Inventory Service and Update Service does not include a “Professional Appraisal" of any item(s).



Professional Appraisals:

Professional Appraisals may be performed on items that you deem “valuable”, such as Antiques, Heirlooms, Paintings, Furniture and other personal property.(Does not include special items such as books, coins or other collections, Real Estate, automobiles, boats, airplanes, pets etc.).








New England Inventory & Appraisal Services

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