Non Legal Support Services
Pro-Active services to SafeGuard your possessions and assets in case of a disaster

Preserve and Protect your assets for your next generation.

Non legal help for Executors, Attorneys and Geriatric Care Managers for Estate Planning & Settlement matters. 

What we offer:
  • Home Inventory - In case of disaster. Insurance & Estate valuation. Distribution in a settlement.
  • Professional Appraisals (General Personal Property) - Insurance. Asset allocation. Estate valuation.
  • Estate Planning Preparation Assistance - Records management. Management of critical documentation
  • Estate Settlement Assistance - Records management. Management of 3rd party professionals & contractors
  • Concierge Services - Help with everyday challenges. Coordinate Estate Settlement chores
  • Personal Critical Document Inventory - A concise, detailed inventory. In case of disaster. Estate Settlement information
  • Background Checks - Criminal checks. SSN verification. Sex offenders  
There are too many details that need attention in times of grief and mourning. We can help minimize these burdens - so you don’t have to. Our expertise with all aspects of Estate Planning & Settlement matters helps Executors, Attorneys and loved ones. Placing your trust in us ensures your Heritage.

We do not solicit you to be named as Executor or Co-Executor. Our goal is to help you through the complex maze of preparing your Estate for Planning and Settlement in case of incapacitation or death.

Estate Planning - Preparation Assistance

We assist legal firms and their clients in the preparation of Estate Planning.

Estate Settlement - Assistance

We assist legal firms and their clients with the process of Estate Settlement.

New England Inventory & Appraisal Services

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