Pro-Active services to SafeGuard your possessions and assets in case of a disaster
Service Details

Home Inventory
·        We use a simple yet effective system that is recognized throughout the insurance industry. We have performed numerous inventories for major national and local insurance companies that allow us to perfect our system. These insurance companies use us on an on-going basis
  • Room-by-room detailed inventory by serial #, model, condition, size, color and all other relevant facts will be noted 
  • Pictures of items are burned onto a CD
  Professional Appraisals
·        General personal property such as; antiques, fine art, paintings, collections, memorabilia, Estates and more. We adhere to strict guidelines set by USPAP (the same Federal guidelines used by Real Estate appraisers), so you can be assured your report complies with the strictest standards.
·        Estate Planning, Elder Law and Family Law Attorneys use us for all matters concerning the planning and settlement stages of an estate, as well as the Probate process. 
Concierge Services
·        Just like a hotel concierge, we cater to your needs. We will coordinate and supervise tradesmen and professionals.
Estate Planning Preparation Assistance
·        Preparing for aspects of the unknown later in your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Sharing that information with loved ones helps in case of incopacitation or death.
Estate Settlement Assistance
·        Executors and Attorneys don’t have the time to deal with the many issues that come up, such as: coordinating tradesmen, arranging a house inspection, staging, distribution of property, cleanup, moving and details that need your attention in times of grief and mourning.
·        Disposal/Donation/Sale/Consignment of assets such as: household furnishings, valuables, collections, cars, clothing and more.
Personal Critical Document Inventory
·        An inventory of your critical paper documents, and knowing where they all. Sharing that information with loved ones helps in case of emergencies.
Background checks
  • We access one of the largest criminal databases in the country (next to Homeland Security), for: criminal checks, SSN verification, sex offenders, driving records (all 50 states & territories) and more
  • Instant- turnaround in hours, sometimes minutes 
  • Hiring someone? Caregivers, nurses, house staff and others by State, nationwide or over 140 coutries around the world
  • Most are emailed within hours of your request

Driving Records

  • All 50 states, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Canada
  • Verify driver license number, state of issuance, traffic violations, accidents
  • Records go back as far as 15 years (some states)

New England Inventory & Appraisal Services

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