Estate Planning - Preparation Assistance
Pro-Active services to SafeGuard your possessions and assets in case of a disaster
We assist you and your clients in the completion of complex activities, thereby reducing stress, time and effort.

  • Inventory possessions with values for insurance, legal or other purposes
  • Appraise valuables 
  • Inventory of personal critical documents
  • Review contents of safe depposit boxes
  • Review Estate Plan with attorney
  • Assist with disposing, selling or donating of property.
  • We adhere to strict guidelines of morality. We may buy, sell, consign or trade possessions/items we have inventoried or valued with your permission,(we do not buy/sell items we have appraised with a written appraisal).

    We do not solicit you to be named Executor or Co-Executor. Our goal is to help you through the complex maze of preparing your Estate in case of incapacitation or death.

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New England Inventory & Appraisal Services

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