• Antiques
  • Household items
  • Art, Fine Art, Paintings, silver, glass,       sculptures, crystal
  • Collections & Memorabilia
  • Americana
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Furniture
  • Business assets- machinery,            equipment and more
  • Heavy metal (yellow metal)


  • Estates
  • Divorce
  • Insurance
  • Asset based lending (Banks)
  • Taxes & Charitable donations
  • Claims
  • Buy/sell
  • Collections


  • Attorneys
  • Home owners  
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks & Lending  institutions
  • Public and Private Adjusters
  • Historical Societies & Museums
  • Finance & CPA professionals
  • Independent & Assisted Living facilities
  • Skilled Nursing/Senior facilities
  • Caregiving companies


Attorneys & Insurance Companies 

Coordination of non-legal matters specifically for Attorneys and Insurance companies.

A one-stop-shop for coordinating the many tasks that burden you. 

We are experienced experts in New England that provides confidential and personalized assistance services related to estate planning or settlement related tasks. 

We help you expedite the process by performing a personal property inventory and related appraisals; identification, collection, organization, and execution of critical meetings (of third party professionals and tradesmen) and preparing property for sale. As a result, you are able to settle faster.

Faster settlements + Improved Productivity = Greater Client Satisfaction.  

Inventory Services for residences and businesses:

  • Room by room detailed inventory of contents (we do not inventory stock items for businesses, stores or warehouses)
  • Replacement Value, Market Value, Actual Cost Value, salvage value or combination
  • Before and after damage values (Replacement Value, Market Value, Salvage Value)
  • Photographs of all property
  • Spreadsheet format for easy manipulation
  • CD ROM or flash drive with all pictures and report written to strict guidelines set by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)

Coordination of non-legal matters (3rd party referrals):

  • Coordination and management of third party professionals
  • Coordination of packing, unpacking & moving
  • Coordination of estate sale
  • Coordination of selling house
  • Estate Planning preparation & Estate Settlement assistance 
  • IRS Form 8283 Noncash Charitable Contributions

We have performed over 700 inventory & appraisals. We pride ourselves in being the best service you'll need.

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